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RJS, Your One Stop Shop Close to Home! The town of St-Pierre-Jolys’s best kept secret! You can call on the owner, Rachelle Edmunds, between 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and she will provide you with the service, office supplies, printing and stamps. A very resourceful person who will take it a step further and locate what is no longer stocked in big box stores.

RJS is located only 3 km north of St-Pierre-Jolys, corner of 59H and 21007 Ruest Road East, 32N. Located on premises, the once workshop converted into a retail store, holds a variety of items ranging from school supplies, such as, crayons, markers, scribblers, to office supplies, such as, ledgers, binders, envelopes, page protectors, labels, tape, file folders, wite-out, hi-liters, staples, staplers, rulers, calculators, calculator rolls, cash registers rolls, debit rolls, sales/invoice books to computer accessories such as, keyboards, air cans, mouse, ink/toner cartridges: HP, Brother, Epson, Lexmark, Canon. There is also printer paper, specialty theme paper, transparencies, etc.

Printing services include more than just photocopies, there is fax service, scanning, customized forms with solutions to help you manage and promote your business such as cheques, envelopes, stationery, etc.Examples would be any forms required for service/garage repairs, trucking products, bills of lading, Florist products, bar-coded labels, printed labels, specialized forms for seed plants, fuel tickets, anything that pertains to the specific business requirements.

When asked about pricing and how RJS compares with Staples, Rachelle states that she is very competitive and at times, RJS pricing is less. RJS, as a small business is in line with her chain store competition.RJS also carries Watkins natural products and health products.RJS is at your service! Open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, weekend upon appointment.

RJS, un établissement qui vend les fournitures de bureau et qui rend un service d’imprimerie depuis 1999 est situé au nord du village de St-Pierre-Jolys au coin du 59 et le chemin Ruest est. La propriétaire, Rachelle Edmunds, s’est toujours intéressé à faire de la mise en page depuis un jeune âge en appuyant son père, Eugène Labelle, sur les comités qu’il siègeait tel que les Chevaliers de Colomb et St. Malo & District Wildlife Association. Rachelle est une personne avide de la nature, le jardinage, la santé de soi et de sa famille, les projets de la communauté, détient une très grande connaissance et, elle-même, s’implique beaucoup dans la communauté en siègeant sur les comités culturel, pro-vie, le musée, l’ACFM, Life’s Vision et encourage les autres à s’impliquer.


We are among the most trusted suppliers of different stationary products that are often quite necessary in offices, schools and other business locations. This retail store stocks in a whole lot of elements that are essential for smooth running of your business. The list of elements that you often require at your business office, school or any other educational institute includes, tape, wite-out, staples, hi-liters, crayons, scribblers, markers, calculator rolls, ink cartridge, invoice books, printer paper, air cans, staplers, envelopes, tape, labels, folders and a host of other stationary elements. This is often difficult to get all these elements under one roof. RJS Stationary offers you all of them, right under one roof.


The term ‘Stationary solutions’ does not start and end with the list of all common elements often used for works going on an office desk. There are other special elements often required for the purpose of work, there. The printing process can go beyond making just photocopies. In certain situations executives require a fax service, getting customized forms, doing scanning process for managing the business process. In order to promote the business, often the business desk requires bar-coded labels, specialized forms, printed labels, bills and fuel tickets. Our team of experts is good at creating all these special elements often required for business promotion.